The landscape painting movement has been, at times and to the unknowing eye, the center of what the public perceives as some of the best art. i am not specifically interested in what is depicted in the oxbow though. i am interested in what is unseen. the land which is depicted would have had thousands of indigenous people living on it, something that is rarely seen. my work inserts the native back into the narrative of fine art. this painting is part of the foundation where that was lost. 

Thomas Cole, The Oxbow, 1835-1836

martha rosler had a garage sale in the museum of modern art as a retrospective. she sold each item that was found in her collection with care. this created a network of people that were directly connected to her work. my work is about building connections, not just between the viewer and the work. my work build connections between the creators, someone from the reservation where my grandmother was born beads each of my pieces with great care, that piece is then shipped to me for completion, then that work reaches the gallery. much like rosler, i am building a network of pipelines to reach the gallery and go out into the world.

Martha Rosler, Meta-monumental Garage Sale, 2012

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