Some people view storytelling as a line with a beginning, middle, and end. The story is wrapped up neatly with a bow at the end or gives some sort of resolution that can be deduced. I approach storytelling differently. My storytelling revolves around the Anthropocene or the human-centered experience. There is no beginning, middle, or end because each piece is a moment frozen in time. My work involves making ordinary moments into reliquaries, a glove found on the ground suddenly becomes a holy object to be revered. Each story that I tell, whether that be from an object, media, or some other form, becomes a connection between myself and a stranger. Often, I find that the stranger is myself. I want to draw connections between myself, the viewer, and the stranger, to elicit empathy. I believe that the only salvation for humanity is humanity, and the only way to reach that salvation is through mutual understanding. Everyone has a glove, many have smoked a cigarette, everyday objects are relatable. The news is relatable. By putting curation into a contextual narrative, I am making someone that I never met someone that everyone has met. I allow the viewer to fill in the unknown with their own life experience to allow for reflection and contemplation. 
The foundation of my work began with artists like jenny holzer and felix gonzalez-torres, the idea of combining objects and thoughts began to peak my interest and so I followed that idea down a line to where i am now. i began to combine thought with objects, which led to my gloves. This thought process brought me to people like Cannupa Hanska Luger, who brought thought to activism with his mirror shield project. I started to bring all of this together, the thought, the object, and the activism to create my current body of work. 
in creating this body of work, i am creating a pipeline, though mine does not cause mass amounts of harm. my pipeline goes from a cryptocurrency that supports sovereign land, to the reservation which is sovereign land, to me (An Urban native), to the gallery. i am beginning to try and end the divide between where a native does or doesn't belong, a divide that has reached into the art historical space. i am bridging that gap and blurring those lines, i am telling a story which came before me and will exist after me, but for now has me in the center of it because i chose to put myself there. i am only a small part of this pipeline that connects us all together, but i will be an important part. 
I am an atypical medium artist because I believe that the medium should be what the work requires of me, what the story requires of me. In a way, I am being guided by the work as much as the work is being guided by me. While not everyone is Lakota, or transgender, or has been a member of a cult, everyone has faced a struggle that felt insurmountable at the time. Those struggles might be big or small, but that does not matter because they felt impossible in the moment. I want to help remind my viewer that there are people who struggle every day for survival. I want to remind my viewer that someone owned each object that I have placed with care. Each video that I make is breaking the traditional storytelling perspective because I do not know the end. Ultimately, the end of my work is the end of humanity. 
I think Jaune quick to see smith summarized where I'm at now with my work very well in an article with the guardian, "It's like we don't exist, except in movies and mascots for sports teams, like the Washington redskins or the Cleveland indians." But we do exist, I exist, and I am here.
I am here to blur the lines between conceptualism and curation.
I am here to blur the line between craft and fine art.
I am here to show native art. 
I am here to prove myself.
I am here to advocate.
I am here.

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